China’s inhumane treatment of Uighurs, Concentration Camps, and violations of Basic Human Rights demands we manufacture in the USA…and we are!

“Building  Products and Strategic Partnerships  that Last.”

Red Thread Beauty LLC, is the ONLY B2B O.E.M. company located in Las Vegas Nevada, producing 100% of its products in the United States of America.

When it comes to the hair, We specialize in Virgin Remy Russian Hair and Southern Russian Hair hand picked by our own collectors in Russia, Ukraine the Baltic States and South America. We do have access to virtually any hair you can imagine, from Malaysian to Chinese.

We produce Wigs, Falls,Extensions, and all varieties of custom pieces, Toppers, bands and specialty items. We can supply your organization with Custom pieces or  stock pieces.

All of our Hair is Collected  with “Fair Trade” Practices insuring all women are paid a fair value for their hair.

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Innovative Products and Designs!

From Wigs to Tape-in extensions  and from Toppers to Clip-in extension sets, we make it all!

 Whether using our patented designs or your designs( which we protect).

You can be assured of…..

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“Dedicated to On-time Delivery, Quality, Short Lead Times and Competitive Pricing in a World Market “

We can help lower your inventories while speeding your time to market and lowering your total inventory costs. As a domestic Manufacturer for both your existing products and new products, from Prototype through  pre-production through final delivery. All being performed  in Las Vegas Nevada.

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or call us 800-331-0422