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Red Thread Beauty LLC was established by 4 industry veterans with over 100 combined years of experience in the manufacture and fitting of Extensions, Wigs, Closures, and any other types of hairpieces and products. Over the years the quality in the industry has gone done both in terms of hair and workmanship, while the prices continue to go up!  In many cases when we sent hair over to be manufactured what we got back was unusable.

Whether the hair was dyed using poor quality dyes (like carpet dyes!).  Silicone and other coatings soon washed out leaving the hair like straw. Virgin Remy Hair switched for cheap processed hair which was intermixed within the wigs especially in the back areas of the wig. Poor quality cap material that wore out quickly. Lace that became misshapen in weeks. Not to mention not getting back what we anticipated in terms of quality, quantity, and delays in lead time!.  

We had enough and decided to put our destiny in our own hands… to build the highest quality long-lasting hairpiece made with premium materials and premium processes. A piece that we know how it was made and what it was made with,

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