We are a manufacturer and we do not sell retail. Our only goal is to make sure that we build the finest most luxurious and longest-lasting products for you and your customers. We have many quality inspection points in our production cycle garnered from the Aerospace industry and the Electronics Manufacturing industry. these processes and QA procedures, are there to ensure that you receive what you expected, and ….with no quality issues. 


Grow your Business, not Your Inventory 

Unlike Asian factories, you have to order large quantities and wait months for production. Hoping you get what you ordered: Tying up lots of your cash. We manufacture here in Las Vegas Nevada and whether you need 5 piece or 5000 pieces, you will not have to wait months for your inventory. With faster lead times and stock on hand, we can help you free up cash that is tied up in your inventory at all levels

Protect Your Designs

Many factories, when you give them a design that is proprietary or patented, literally use it to build for others. We guarantee your design is safe. Not only that, we will never disclose that we are your manufacturer to your competition. We currently manufacture for some very large and recognized companies in the industry. It would be great marketing if we could share that but our NDA’s forbid it…. you can feel assured and safe with us.



We have patents and we know how important they are.  We are constantly adding to our patents in both product and process.  Many of which can be incorporated into your products

Help to DeFine your product 

 If you are having problems with your design, we can help you. Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in wigs, wefts and the manufacturing of all hair related products.

Innovative Products 

Our engineers are constantly working on new products and designs to keep you current in the marketplace.  We are constantly keeping up with industry trends and techniques that help our costumers stay ahead of the pack!